Ahhh! My Massage
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Welcome to Ahhh! My Chair Massage

Feeling a bit stressed? I bet your body talking to you about it right now.  

Ahhh! My Chair Massage has provided portable chair massage service for the workplace and personal events in Austin, Texas since 2007. That's a WHOLE LOT of Rubs! Your massage is personalized just for YOU at the time of your visit because you're just THAT special! It will be based on how you are feeling and what your body is telling (or yelling) you it needs. The massage can be directed to the most stressed areas of your neck, shoulders, mid back, arms and hands. It is my personal and professional goal to help you feel relaxed, reduce or eliminate your muscle stiffness and pain and feel 1000% better than you did when you walked in the door.  P.S. If you aren't stressed, CONGRATULATIONS! You're a rare bird indeed! I'm VERY honored to know you. Come anyway. Relaxation in a massage chair can move you to an even higher level of tranquility and peace. 

Best of health and inner peace to you,