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Cancelation Policy & Minimum Requirements

Cancelation Policy - Client & Therapist

Unfortunate, unpredictable things happen.  If it is necessary for you to cancel your massage please be respectful of my time and the time of others and give a minimum 24 hour notice. Without cancelation notice, you will still be responsible for the full amount of your scheduled time. 

Running late? You may be stuck on a phone call or in a meeting.  So you don't miss your massage, check with me to see if I can stay later for you or if there are other times available during our scheduled massage day. Text me (please do not call) at 512-825-4193.  I will respond as soon as possible. Failure to pay for missed appointments will result in no future appointments.

Unfortunate, unpredictable things can happen on my end too. If the unavoidable happens, the massage day will be rescheduled with as much notice as possible.


Minimum requirements 

3 hour massage day requires a minimum of 2 hours of participation.

4 hour massage day requires a minimum of 3 hours of participation.

5 hour massage day requires a minimum of 4 hours of participation.  

Any time less than the participation minimum is subject to rescheduling the day.