Ahhh! My Massage
Quality of life depends on quality of health


 Thank you all ! I am truly grateful and overwhelmed at your responses - Rene'

"I have been seeing Rene for over two years for chair massage at my workplace.  In this time, she's provided me with massage therapy appropriate to my changing needs as both a person who sits at a desk all day and a person who has had two back-to-back pregnancies.  As you can imagine, I have come to her with several different concerns, aches and pains.  She has been able to help me immensely with shoulder and neck issues, sciatica brought on by pregnancy and general respite and relaxation during stressful work days.  She listens intently to my specific needs and addresses them with a competence and a therapeutic touch that I've not experienced with any other massage practitioner.  I am looking forward to receiving Ashiatsu with Rene in the near future.  She's truly a miracle worker and I look forward to our every session...."  Jessica K. 

”Most of my pain comes from sitting in front of a computer or carrying briefcases or luggage when travelling. The relief I get from massage allows me to keep my body in proper condition, ironing out the kinks and relieving my psyche of unnecessary body stress. I can do a better job at work. Rene’ has been an asset to my quality of life and knows just where to find 'those' spots that need the tweaks...You are an important part of my health program....”  Beverly Shaw, Director of Mission Delivery - American Cancer Society, National Call Center

"I always look forward to when Rene' is in the office. She communicates with you well to target your likes, dislikes and what you want her to focus on. i always walk out feeling rehreshed ! I highly reccommend Rene' Ahhh! My massage! " - Lindsey Harper, Apogee Search

" I hadn't ever had a massage before, of any kind, so I was a bit apprehensive the first time she visited our offices, but she made me feel at ease as soon as I came into the room. There was calming music playing..She took the time to ask what areas I would like her to focus on and I definitely felt rejuvinated afterwards! Thanks a bunch! "  Nadia, Apogee Search

"The massage helped me at a time when I needed it most.  I had an upper respiratory infection, and was tense, tired, and sore.  After the massage, I was breathing through my nose instead of my mouth, my soreness had diminished considerably, and I was relaxed enough to sleep through the night. I'm a full-time executive assistant for a nationally renowned jewelry designer, which is a very demanding and stressful position.  Sometimes I'm running all over town, and sometimes I'm at the computer for hours at a time.  I'm also a part time musician--singing and dancing in high heels for several hours can be very physically demanding! I've been receiving massages from Rene' for a couple years now--she is very specific in treating any troubled areas, and knows just the perfect amount of pressure to apply, depending on my ailments and trouble-spots."  Pilar A.

"I've been getting massages from Rene for the last three years. What impressed me so much about Rene's massages are that she truly knows anatomy, that she can feel ligaments, bones and tendons and identify them by name. She knows how the skeletal-muscle system is built, and studies pressure points, and massage techniques from all over the world. Rene is not only a massage therapist, she is a healer! And an excellent one at that."  Amanda M.

"Since I moved to Austin in 1988 I have tried different massage therapists for my once a month sessions. I was fortunate to meet Rene when she was with Belvedere's in downtown Austin near my  office. I am in good hands with Rene and now with her Ashiatsu skills I am enjoying deep tissue work that has eased all tension after each session."  Dennis Kearns

"I am so glad I met Rene! I have been seeing her for four years. She does wonderful work. I always leave feeling so relaxed and with a much better range of motion and healthier posture than when I came in. Her dedication to her work and her clients is unmatched in any of the other massage therapists I have seen.  She'll take the time to get to know you and your needs and she is continually learning new techniques to expand her skills. Not only is she skilled, she is adept at making people feel comfortable. Her warmth and compassion shine through her professionalism to create a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating experience." Sara R.

"Thank you so much for the lovely massage. It really improved the range of motion in my neck.  I love your massage room and the way you focused on helping me understand the root of the problem and provided ways to exercise to help the healing continue after the massage."  MarSea

"Rene is a Healer. She has intuitive, natural talent to find and treat painful and troublesome body aches. I have been seeing her since 2006. She aided me in healing chronic pelvic pain, treated me during and after my pregnancy and has advised me along the way on how to best care for my body. She is extremely dedicated to her work and I am lucky to have her in my life!" Julia Mechler, Austin, TX

"As a licensed massage therapist, I can appreciate the level of perfection that Rene is bringing to her practice.  She is able to listen and then pull from her extensive repertoire of skills the perfect applications that are needed.  She works very closely in communicating with me and then knows when to let me "drift" and allow her free range to work her magic.  I am always renewed.  I must comment on the Ashiatsu massage which is an amazing experience and no one should miss the opportunity to have this remarkable massage.  I find no words to describe this so just treat yourself to a major massage happening." Sue Boyet

“Rene is simply amazing!  Best massage I’ve ever had in my life. . . she’s courteous and extremely attentive to your needs and through a few simple questions was able to pinpoint the areas on my body that really needed attention. Through her vast knowledge, she even offered a plan of action for continued treatment to help alleviate the problem areas in my back. She also customized the ambiance of the room to suit my needs with lighting and wonderfully pleasing aromas, making it comfortably soothing and relaxing.  Rene and Ahhh! My Massage have become an important part of my health and wellness routine."        Laura Benedict Scott

Rene is more than a massage therapist - she is a healer.  Her magic fingers can remove the pain of hunching over a computer day after day as well as pain form more serious injuries.  Her skill, knowledge, compassion and intuition are a magical combination and helped me through a debilitating injury to my hip.  I can not sing her praises loudly enough.  Thank you, Rene.  :-)  Linda